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Innovative Companies Identify early-stage, private and publicly-funded startups working on innovative technologies​
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Licensable TechnologiesDiscover technologies from university and government to adopt into your commercialization strategy
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Hear from Our Customers

TurboInnovate allows our team to complete a rapid assessment of new technologies developed within MSU and with our entrepreneurial partners. The information generated by the platform allows us to have quality conversations and drive planning for bringing our innovations to the world.

Austin Check
Austin Check

Mississippi State University


"As an investor, I'm always looking for tools that can help me quickly understand new technologies and markets. TurboInnovate has become an invaluable resource in my due diligence process. With data points spanning government, industry, and academia, I can do deep dives on emerging technologies faster than ever before. The platform is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. Within minutes, I'm able to search across patents, grants, publications, and more to get a comprehensive landscape of key players, research trends, and tech advancements. The aggregated content is highly relevant and gives me an information advantage when evaluating investment opportunities."

Patrick Kerr

Launch Factory


This platform stands out as a game-changer for innovation management. It simplifies our processes, we can quickly find the right experts, grants, and technologies for our partners.

Alessandro Marianantoni
Alessandro Marianantoni

M Accelerator (by MEDIARS)

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OmniSync unlocks deep market intelligence, predictive insights, and critical resources for the go-getters of the world.

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